Jazz Attendance Policy

Because of the nature of how the Jazz combos are put together, each individual is crucial to the success of the combo as a whole.

Attendance needs to be the top priority of the members.

Jazz Institute members are allowed one (2) excused absences per concert cycle.

  1. Excused absences include:
    • Illness
    • Family emergency
    • Religious Holiday
    • School Performance
    • College Auditions/Visits (seniors only)
  2. No unexcused absences are allowed.

Reporting an Absence:

  1. A planned absence must be reported one week prior to a rehearsal by email (patrick@gdyo.org)  (Absence because of illness or emergency must be reported by the day of rehearsal)
  2. Students who do not notify the office will be given an unexcused absence.


Consequences are at the discretion of the staff or instructor. Absences will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • 1 unexcused absences – cannot play the concert
  • 2 unexcused absences – dismissal from the program

Late Arrival/Leaving before rehearsal ends:

Being “on time” to a rehearsal means being at least 10 minutes early with all the necessary equipment. Students may not be late without 1 week notice to the office.

1st time: warning
3rd time: meeting with Program director and combo instructor
4th time: cannot play the concert
5th time: dismissal from program.

Leaving rehearsal early without 1 week notice is unacceptable unless the student is ill and has spoken with a GDYO staff member.

1st time: Suspended from concert
2nd time: Dismissed from program.