What Is the GDYO Parents Guild?

The GDYO Parent’s Guild is a Social Network of Parent Members whose participation

in Guild initiatives enhances the quality of the GDYO program in the following ways:

  • Invite incoming parents of GDYO musicians to join the Guild and through
    membership provide a powerful show of unity, involvement and activity that
    attracts significant donations from corporations, foundations, grants and individual
  • Partner with GDYO operational and artistic staff to support the program through
    planned activities such as social events, merchandise offerings, and committee
  • Identify and fund essential elements and activities that enhance the GDYO
    experience for student musicians. 
  • Provide leadership for social events and meaningful experiences that foster
    friendships and networking bonds among parents of talented musicians.
  • Create and uphold a team structure to plan and execute Guild projects in an
    efficient, balanced, enjoyable and inclusive manner for all involved.

In 2019-20, the Guild raised over $40,000 in family memberships and saw additional contributions through merchandise sales (T shirts, CDs, photos, etc.), and for 20-21 our goal is simple:  to have 100% parent participation in the Guild regardless of membership size.  The Parents Guild has grown to become GDYO’s single largest contributor, and a significant resource through our volunteerism.

In recent seasons, Guild activities and support for GDYO included:

  • Purchase of instruments and music folders for use by GDYO musicians.
  • Organization, distribution and sale of Guild merchandise (photos, T Shirts, and more) for fundraising to support GDYO; Guild volunteers also staffed fundraising sales tables at concerts and parent meetings.
  • Annual contributions to Tour and Scholarship Funds, including support for the August 2017 Flute Choir Trip.
  • Organized and hosted dinners and social events.
  • Sponsored the Richard Giangiulio Artist Development Scholarship.
  • Treats to celebrate first and last rehearsals for the students.
  • Volunteers who staffed rehearsal break snack service for students each week.
  • Purchase of the annual GDYO membership patches given to all musicians.
  • Purchase of lapel pins for seniors to wear at year-end concerts for graduation recognition.
  • Parents also participate in strategic committees such as the Planning, Alumni, Development and Outreach Committees.

How can your Family participate?  

Become a Member and find a place to volunteer – GDYO needs our support now more than ever!


Thank you for supporting GDYO through your membership in the Parent’s Guild!


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