GDYO Awards and Scholarships

Each year the GDYO recognizes orchestra members who have excelled in performance or made exceptional contributions to the life of the orchestra. Maestro Giangiulio announced the recipients of these awards at the concert on Sunday, May 15, 2016. Congratulations and Thank You to all!

The Jerry Wertheimer Award

In memory of Jerry Wertheimer, a charter member of the GDYO (horn) who died in a tragic accident following his first year at SMU. The award has been given annually since 1975.

Presented to graduating Seniors for their outstanding leadership and musicianship.

Harry Dearman, Bass

The Joan Mintz Award

In memory of Joan Mintz who served the GDYO as Board Member, Executive Secretary, and Manager from 1976-1987.

Presented to graduating Seniors for their dedication and enthusiasm.

Karen Yang, Viola

Outstanding Instrumentalist Award

Presented to graduating Senior for outstanding musical skill

Charlie Lin, Violin

Outstanding Service Awards

Presented to graduating Seniors with longest tenure in GDYO program.

Theo Lee Gannon, Cello 8 years

Exemplary Attendance

  • Charlie Lin
  • April Chung
  • Meghan Le
  • Logan Hong


Recognizing outstanding Juniors who will receive a full tuition scholarship

The Walter Abbey Scholarship

In memory of the former Chairman of the GDYO Board of Directors. Mr. Abbey, a violist in his student days, was a patron of the arts in Dallas and a strong supporter of his alma mater, the University of North Texas.

Samantha Choo, Violin

The Jeannette Early Scholarship

In memory of long-time GDYO Board Member, donor and patron of performing arts programs for young people.

Emily Chung, Cello

The Jennie T. and D. Richard Giangiulio Scholarship

In memory of the parents of GDYO Music Director Richard Giangiulio.

Cordeila DeDecker, Trumpet

The Jerry Wertheimer Scholarship

In memory of a charter member of the GDYO.

Michelle Moeller, Oboe