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Dear Students and Parents,
Due to the ongoing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to keep our students, staff and parents safe, we will be dividing the 2020-2021 season into phases and deciding the best course of action for each phase, considering information from the CDC, the State of Texas and heavily weighing the feeling of our students’ parents (look for a survey soon).
The season will be divided into three phases.
Phase 1: (Start date varies by ensemble) to November 15
Phase 2: November 15 to February 15
Phase 3: February 15 to May 15
Because of the unique circumstances around this particular time in history, we will ask our parents to pay only a third of the total tuition at the start of each of the phases.
At this moment, we are planning for Phase 1 to be entirely online.
The GDYO recognizes nothing can replace the experience of making music side-by-side with peers, and to that effect, we are offering all students the opportunity to participate at a 50% reduced rate for the Phase 1 tuition portion. We will begin sending invoices in the middle of August.
If circumstances allow, please know that if you wish to pay standard tuition rates in full, anything above the reduced rate would be considered a charitable donation, and we would be grateful for the support! We hope to build that donation opportunity into your invoice to make your giving as easy as possible, so be on the lookout for your invoice!
The conductors are hard at work creating the most challenging and exciting opportunities possible during Phase 1 with student learning and advancement at the forefront of their plans. We look forward to building memorable social and performance opportunities for each student – even in this digital setting – to ensure musical growth. We will be releasing some of our plans in the coming days and weeks.
We hope to return to rehearsing live by Phase 2, but we will not make that decision until we are closer to that time. 
If you have questions, please reach out to us.
The Faculty and Staff of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra