Comments from kids – 1

  • Loading out from our Munich Concert, Patrick distracted me with the task of finding an owner for a misplaced percussion part. In this distracted state, I failed to hear the heavily distorted and very German "careful!" from off stage. A platform lowered in front of me, trapping my poor toes between two pieces of stage floor. Screaming in fear, we overcame a language barrier after many failed attempts, releasing the rubber-like, contorted shapes I'd once called my shoes. My big toes escaped with minor bruises, but the emotional scars will last a lifetime. – Chris Hadley
  • What an exciting few days! It's been so enjoyable seeing the sights, watching Chris fail to find love, making beautiful music, watching Chris' toes fall victim to a carnivorous stage. This countryside is absolutely beautiful. – Adam Holmes
  • Dachau was amazing; there was an amazing cool breeze and climate while we had the tour, but it was also pretty depressing in a way – Franklin Jia I really liked Salzburg; the stores, churches, chocolate, and weather. It was amazing. Why is Germany so pretty? I fell in love. Germany is awesome with so much history. I shall come back to Germany when I'm older to try many beers and sausages. The concert was great! It was kind of scary at first, but really fun! I also loved Salzburg, it's so pretty! I got my dad some Mozart chocolate for his birthday. Germany has got to be one of the most pretty places I've ever been to before. Salzburg is so amazing and cool – I like how all the shops are close/right next to each other. I'm so excited for Prague. – Michelle Yang
  • I thought that Salzburg was absolutely amazing. I loved that the city had so much beauty and history, but also a modern area. It seems that support and respect for the classical and performing arts is much greater there. I wish America was more like Austria in that respect. Being a vegetarian, I've probably eaten every type of spaghetti that exists, but nothing can match that steaming bowl of spaghetti I had on our first night in Munich. It was perfectly cooked with just the right blend of olive oil and mozzarella, with two perfect baby tomatoes on top. Mouthwatering. The best part of Germany? The food! I have never fully realized the cruelty man man is capable of until Dachau. The emaciated, piled, murdered bodies, the stringent rules, the intentions to humiliate and torture bodies has sickened me terribly. It has opened my eyes to the importance to remember the dead and to be involved with counteracting the world atrocities today that occur in countries with corrupt governments. I am blessed to be on this tour. Performing at the Gastig Concert hall was truly amazing. It is great knowing that classical music is still alive and well in their hearts. Performing last night also shows that music is an international language. The excitement from the crowd was also electrifying. I can't wait to perform at the schools and festivals. So far the trip has been amazing. Playing the concert last night was fantastic because never before have I played three encores! Going to Dachau today was humbling and gave me time to reflect on how good we all have it. Also I have had a lot of good cheap food! Schnitzel is awesome! Germany has been so much fun! The drives are beautiful, and it is still so surreal being here. Can't wait for Prague! – Kaleen
  • So far my favorite city has been Salzburg. It was beautiful and having and authentic Mozart ball was delicious! – Curtis
  • I thought the concert went pretty well for the first concert. The audience seemed really appreciative. We all played our best and had a good time. I love being in Europe especially with the GDYO. We are all having an amazing time. Yay. Europe! It shocks me still that the places we've traveled to have been around for a really long time. So many people have walked where we have. It humbles me. – Emily 
  • I ordered a sweet tea on the plane to Germany and the old German woman handed me a hot tea, I was expecting Texas sweet tea. I tried to explain that I meant cold tea and she gave me a look of disgust and mumbled something in German, then left.