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What summer music study did for me…

David Danjul was the recipient of the 2015 Richard Giangiulio Artist Development Scholarship, provided by the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra Parent Guild. David recently returned from his summer music study and took the time to let us know how it impacted his future in music. We appreciate his thoughtful response.

As a young, passionate musician finishing junior year at Plano West Senior High, I was looking for more opportunities to help me become a better musician. As a result, I began looking into colleges that held summer music camps. It is often difficult to match a good summer music camp with a reasonable price tag, but with the Richard Giangulio Artistic Development Scholarship, I found a new and exciting opportunity to go for a camp of my choosing without having to worry as much about financial constraints. After months of research, I decided to attend the Texas State International Piano Festival and the Southern Methodist University Institute for Young Artists. This opportunity truly opened my life to a world of music I never thought was possible.

Having to leave school during the week of finals was quite a sacrifice I had to make to go to this camp, but in the end it was worth it. During my stay at the Texas State International Piano Festival at San Marcos, Texas, I found a group of young musicians with the same passion in music that I had, and who were from literally everywhere around the world; some came from other parts of the United States, China, Indonesia, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, and even Ecuador! Not only was this camp a musical one, it was also a cultural exchange. Watching and performing in masterclasses for world-renown professors from Peabody, Julliard, Eastman, and other places allowed me to improve my musicality as well as technique, but getting to know the college students who were majoring into piano was what really inspired me to pursue my passion for music.

After the week-long camp was over, I was back at home having to finish my final exams a week after school ended, and then prepare for the Texas Music Teachers Association State Piano Senior Division Concerto Competition coming up in the next week in Houston, Texas. Then came the GDYO 2015 China Tour which became one of the most memorable events I have ever experienced. Not only was playing in the orchestra exciting, but most importantly I made new friends and had lots of fun! I flew to Hong Kong to meet my grandfather before I came back for the SMU camp.

The SMU Institute for Young Pianists began a little more than a week after I came back from China. Although slightly worn out from all the traveling, I was eager to go to this camp because this university was one of the schools I was planning to apply to next year, and the summer camp would allow me to reach out to the music professors and get to know them better. I got to know a lot of fine and talented young pianists in this camp from the Dallas area, learned a great deal on how to improve my technique and musicality, and also some music history and really cool ideas about the relationship between hand sizes and the size of a standard keyboard. With a very college-like feel, the camp allowed me to experience what it was like to be a major in piano, and I felt very enthusiastic about it.

I am extremely thankful for being awarded the 2015 Richard Giangulio Artistic Development Scholarship! After my musical summer experience, I feel a lot more prepared for the years to come in college, and I feel enlightened in a sense, where these camps really helped shape the musician I am today. The opportunity to open my eyes and ears to the world of music outside of Plano, Texas really helped me become a better musician, and it also led me to make new life-long friends I may encounter again in the near future.