Richard Giangiulio Artist Development Scholarship

Every year the GDYO Guild awards a $1,000 scholarship to a GDYO Ensemble student.  This is called the Richard Giangiulio Artist Development Scholarship.  It allows a GDYO Ensemble student to attend a music camp in the summer and promotes leadership among orchestra members when the student returns with new skills and experience.

Eligible students must have completed 1 full season in the GDYO ensemble and must be returning the following season (2016-17) after the scholarship is awarded in order to apply. Applicants submit a blind application to the GDYO office for processing.  Applications can be mailed to the office or given to a staff member at rehearsal.

Information about the 2016 Richard Giangiulio Artist Development Scholarship will be posted later this fall; please check back for application dates and to download printable forms. The award will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Ability/Musicianship
  • Participation/Dedication
  • Goals
  • Leadership
  • Recommendations
  • Summer Camp or Festival chosen

Recipient must have a minimum of one full year in the GDYO ensemble at time of application. Previous recipients of the scholarship are not eligible. Please refer to application form for more details, instructions and qualifications.