Become a Member of the GDYO Guild

The GDYO Guild is a volunteer parent organization that supports all 7 ensembles, 450+ student-musicians, of the GDYO program.

Some of the things the GDYO Guild does are:
  • Vice President for each Ensemble
  • Provide inexpensive snacks during breaks at the rehearsals at Sammons Center. Please see your Ensemble VP to sign up for snack duty! The guild provides all of the snacks.
  • Financial and chaperone support of tours
  • Record each concert
  • Photograph of each ensemble at 1st concerts
  • 1st and last rehearsal celebrations
  • Sell and distribute fund-raising merchandise at each concert.
  • Periodic Guild newsletters throughout the season
  • Beginning and end of year celebrations for each ensemble
  • Various socials for the kids throughout the season such as the GDYO extended rehearsal and dinner
  • Recognition of graduating seniors at last concerts
  • Provide summer music camp scholarships to GDYO ensemble members
  • Assist GDYO staff and musicians at concerts
  • Contribute to national and international performance tours
  • Provide instruments and other equipment as needed
  • Provide educational opportunities

Your participation in the Guild is very important. The tuition we pay for our children to participate in GDYO actually only covers slightly over 30% of the costs it takes to provide these wonderful music opportunities to our children. The remaining costs are made up by grants and donations, concert ticket sales, Guild membership fees, and Guild merchandise sales. Grantmakers (institutions that provide fuinding to GDYO) use Guild membership participation numbers to determine grant qualification and amounts so the larger our membership participation the more funding the GDYO will receive.

The recommended Guild Membership fee is $50, however any amount that you feel comfortable giving will be welcome since we are hoping to achieve 100% Guild membership participation. Guild members are recognized in the GDYO concert programs. If you can join the Guild at this time, please complete the membership form and make your check out to GDYO Guild and send it to the following address or dropping it off in an envelope in the black box at the rehearsal sign-in desk:

GDYO Guild
3630 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75219

Your support either through volunteering your time, providing financial support by becoming a Guild Member, or both will make the GDYO experience that you and your GDYO student get all the more memorable.

In closing, we’d like to congratulate you for the wonderful support you’ve given to your child (or children) that has enabled her or him to achieve the level of musicianship required to become a member of the GDYO program. We're looking forward to another fantastic season and I thank you in advance for whatever additional support that you can provide to the GDYO through your participation and support of the Guild.


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